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Touken Ranbu Hanamaru: Episode Two

Истината.... май се разболявам... Или пък съм просто уморена... =.=
Но пък от друга страна, когато в края на предишния пост написах, че нямам търпение за епизод две от Touken Ranbu Hanamaru за мое огромно щастие до излъчването на въпросния епизод оставаха само няколко часа... Та...

On the subject... Episode two of TouRabu Hanamaru is here... So...

*spoilers ahead... read at your own risk*

Touken Ranbu Hanamaru Highlights

So... Lucky me. By the time I managed to write the previous entry, there were practically only hours left till the airing of episode two, so the wait wasn't really all that long. On the other hand now there is a whole week till episode three... I wonder how many times I will manage to re-watch the first two episodes before that? The count is raising rapidly as we speak, so who knows.

Before I say anything else, I am not sure if I will really be writing anything for all the episodes to come, but the hype is still holding me a bit at the moment, so why not just ride it while it lasts. One thing is certain till now and it is - that I really, really like Touken Ranbu Hanamaru.


As it was hinted previously, now one of the things we can be absolutely sure about is that (most likely) none of the episodes will focus on the same swords. I mean with the exception of our "poster boys", who still had plenty of screen time, this time around the rest of the cast was almost entirely different. We did of course see some of the boys featured on the first episode, but a lot of the "goofing" was done by the new additions to the cast.

So a natural highlight of the episode was the addition of two of my most fave boys - Tsurumaru and Doudanuki! (Yey!) And both of them were just charming! Also to see some interaction between Tsurumaru and Shokudaikiri was just priceless. Now I need only Ookurikara and the Date-Gumi will be complete! (May be they will get a full feature one of the episodes to come...) Kasen also managed to get some additional screen time and he was exceptionally cute. Players of the game know from his backstory that he is somewhat obsessed with elegance, because of his previous master, but for him to obsess over how dirty is Yamanbagari's cloak was so, so funny! I mean, he quite literally covered himself with soap foam while stressing over it... (How can anyone not like him, when he is so, so adorable!)
Also, somewhat of a surprise for me was that Nakigitsune's fox actually speaks? I mean, for all this time I was under the impression that he is imitating the voice of the fox, like speaking through it in a way... May be that is not the case. But then again, the manner in which the fox spoke was a bit strange, so may be he is still doing it... somehow... I am a little baffled about that...

Plot and Storyline

Now that we have two episodes it is easy to see the pattern on which they will be build, as well as the overall structure of the plot. Basically we can divide the episodes into two parts - one that is focusing on the lives of the swords into the citadel and second, that is telling us something from their history, using the frontline battles as the medium.

While the first part is centered around the new additions to the cast and the funny interactions between the swords, the second groups a number of boys that have something in common through their backstories and sends them to the front lines in a moment of history that has something to do with all of them. For example, while in the previous episode the Ikedaya had something to do with Kashu and Yamatonokami, this episode the focus was on Yagen, Hasebe and Souza, all of which had belonged to Oda Nobunaga in a certain period in history. (Tho, the poster boys were still there... I have a feeling they will be going to every battle to come, which is still a bit annoying...) Basically the battles are used as a direct way to show us who these swords are and kind of explain us their personalities, which may be a bit strange for non-fans of the game, but still kind of suits the overall atmosphere of the anime.

A little rant - A thing that I find very, very annoying... Why the hell is Yamatonokami so, so obsessed with Okita Souji? He is constantly saying stuff like - Are we really going to do this or that? Like, are we really not going to do anything about Oda Nobunaga's death? No, you are just going to stand there and watch the bad guys destroy the whole course of history! On which side are you fighting on anyway? You are there to protect the history, not save this or that famous landlord!! Get a hold of yourself! And in case you are wondering why I do not like this character... Here is your reason...


Remember how in the previous entry I was very disappointed that the ending animation featured only the two poster boys? Well, thank you gods of anime! That will not be case! Instead I think it is save to say that we will (hopefully) be getting a different ending theme every single episode! This time around, just like half of the episode the focus was on Souza, Hasebe and Yagen!

Visionary, the style of the animation was the same, but completely different and in tone with the three boys. True, they are not among my all time fave characters, but the song was so much better in comparison to the first ending, that I kind of think it will be one of my favorite songs from the whole series. This ending gives me so, so much hope that now I feel even more excited to learn on which boys will the next episode be focused. Please, do not disappoint me!

The many faces of Tsurumaru Kuninaga

Episode one gave me Shokudaikiri. Now episode two gave me Tsurumaru, so... surprise, surprise...

Tsurumaru is easily in my Top 3 most, most favorite sword boys! Simple words can not describe how much I love him and to see him in the anime was a blessing! He has somewhat of a strange and unusual personality and when the news of anime adaptations came, I was really worried about him. What if they make him like just your average comic relief character? But he was simply adorable! He was cute, dorky, spontaneous, sparkly... very, very cool and a true bad-ass, of course! While getting the tour around the citadel he was getting excited about everything like a true fanboy! He was cool talking to the other swords! And because he is a sword admired for his beauty even one of the horses became all sparkly upon seeing him! Plus, as a bonus we got to see him on the battlefield, and he was a real bad-ass despite this being his first battle as part of the saniwa team. I can not wait to see more of him in the next episodes! I can't t wait to get the Date-Gumi together, because I am sure they will be more than adorable!

Doudanuki Masakuni

Episode two of Touken Ranbu Hanamaru, gave me not one, but two of my fave boys, the second one being Doudanuki! Despite not getting as much screen time as Tsurumaru he was still utterly adorable! His reaction upon meeting Midare was just priceless, not to mention the way he scared the crap out of Gokotai and Maeda. Even Gokotai's tigers couldn't handle the "pure strength" that is Doudanuki! He was, so, so funny that I decided he needs some extra attention! I mean, just look at him! I want to give him a hug!


As I said almost in the beginning of this post - I really, really like Touken Ranbu Hanamaru! May be it is just me that likes to watch a bunch of characters goof around and be adorable while doing it... I like to see my favorite characters just be happy, and many of the boys in Touken Ranbu have such a dark history that they deserve to just be happy for a little bit. Plus, after a busy day when you want nothing else but to sit down and watch something light and funny with a bunch of cute characters you could ask for nothing better than this. So, yeah... If this anime continues to go in this direction to the end, I am sure it might even become one of my favorites not only from this season, but as a whole.
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