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Plam talks... Sword Boys...

This may... or may not become something regular... I don't really know. Either way I have been feeling this strange need to speak on this topic for some time. Despite my efforts to get some of my friends involved into the said topic, for the sole purpose of just having someone to talk to about it, all of them are giving me the cold shoulder so far.... (Of course that does not mean that I am not talking about it non-stop, so they are probably annoyed with me by now.) So... here it is... Looks like my LJ will be perfect for satisfying my needs... on talking...

Plam talks... Sword Boys...

I am sure that everyone playing Touken Ranbu knows that during the last two months or so the most hot topic around the "community" has been this sword. Juzu was first mentioned during the "Preregistration campaign" prior to the release of "Touken Ranbu Pocket". He was the "third completely new mystery sword" that was going to be given as a gift to every user should the number of registered users reach 1,500,000. That didn't happen but fortunately we were given another chance at obtaining him about three weeks after the release of "Touken Ranbu Pocket" during the "Thank you! 1 Million Downloads campaign". 

And, yeah! I did it! After a hell worth of unsuccessful smithing attempts and a little army of Tantou swords later....
I got him!
Funny thing is, at first I didn't really wanted him all that much. During the first day of the campaign I was doing it mostly for the fun of it. The general "see-what-happens" kind of thing. But as the number of attempts grew larger and the number of request tokens and ofudas I had grew smaller, not to mention the amount of resources I wasted on the damn thing... By the end of the second day I was reaching my 30th+ unsuccessful attempt and was enraged and fully determined to obtain him at all costs possible!

Naturally, on the last day, the number of available request tokens I had left was down to 5 or 6... Meaning, despite all the rage and frustration I had mostly lost any hope... And... I think it was about 12 or so hours before the end of the campaign when I said to myself... That's it! One last attempt and I am giving up... And because this is how it usually goes... when the 10 hour countdown clock appeared I was screaming and jumping with joy. A help token later and there he was... Finally!

So... to summarize a little bit... I think the total number of attempts I did is around 40... (He is officially the first sword I have tried to smith so hard!) Plus around may be 10 different ofudas...
The final recipe turned out to be 100/100/100/100 + Fuji Ofuda + Munechika... The recipe that proved successful for the majority of Touken Ranbu Wikia users. According to their poll I am one of the 263 people (the number is growing) that succeeded in obtaining him. (Haha... Lucky me...XD)

Of course, after all the hard work to get him... I just had to play around with him right away and learn as much as possible. Initially I wasn't all that interested in him, because... Well, I am just not digging the way he looks. (No. Not just "not digging it" I did not like his look. At all. Upon seeing him for the first time I though he was somewhat peculiar, ugly even... Shame on me.) I mean... Yeah, he is somewhat elegant in a way, gallant may be but... still strange. His hair is like half a kilometer long, part white, part gray, part black... And the rosary is too long, just waaay too long. Unnaturally long even. I mean, just try to imagine him actually fighting anyone while swinging this thing around. While his back story is interesting and the rosary has a central part in it, I still think the artist kind of overdid it. Remove it and he might have been so much better. I mean. Look at his "casual" get up. Him wearing a track suit I even find him to be cute in a way.

His looks aside, playing around with him the thing I am starting to like most about Juzu is may be his voice. Such a sweet sound yet kind of deep with meaning... Very, very suitable for his personality. He is sweet is a way I can't really describe... While many of the swords in the game show some reluctance to participate in the fights, Juzu I think is the most genuine about it. He sounds sincere and thoughtful. Like despite being against it, he is still willing to do it, because he knows that this is the right thing to do (protecting the course of history and all...) Which makes me think that his sense of duty is somewhat stronger than that of many of the other swords.
Also he is probably the most spiritual from all the others in a way that he is often advising stuff like "Abandon your earthly desires and obsessions, and buy only what you need." So, sweet! Not to mention that if you leave him alone in the Citadel he is reciting sutras, while other swords ask where you went and are you sleeping... He also doesn't mind doing the "house work". Just imagine his cute track suit self watering the flowers or sweeping the leaves. He would be so, so cute! (May be I have started to like him more than I think... O.o)

All in all... Despite of how I initially felt about him now I am happy I have him. I even plan to build my third team around him. Also since he is "one per account" only I already equipped him with charms and stuff in order not to loose him, ever! I have been playing with him for the most of the time after I got him and he just reached level 25. So, yeah. Generally I can foresee a very happy future for me and Juzu. Welcome to the party, dear. XD

19.04.2016 Edit: Okay. Juzu is now level 43. And I think he is growing on me... I don't even know why and when it happened, may be it is just a mix of many things, but he is currently part of my main team together with five from my most, most favorite swords and I think that before I knew it Juzu actually became one of my favorites. I don't know, why. I still don't like his look all that much, but despite that I feel a strange attachment to him. May be, because he is the first sword I tried so, so hard to get. May be it is his sweet, sweet character, but I feel really, really protective of him. Recently I started thinking that I would want his figure, if they ever make one. Also, every time he gets even a little injured I feel this strange need to send him for repairs right away and hug him really hard. Many other players probably feel something similar while playing with the Tantou swords, so I think Juzu is my baby in a way and I just have to take care of him. That is all. (Plus some of his recent fan artworks are really, really nice!)

2017 Edit: Fun fact: during my one year saniwa anniversary Juzu was actually the first sword to congratulate me. XD
Also, he is actually getting a figure!! Which I am so totally excited about! Can't wait to put him next to Jiji, Kogi and Tsuru-chan!
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