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Plam talks... Sword Boys...

Yeah, okay... I am too lazy for "this thing" nowadays. Plus, to be honest at the moment I have to do other things, but I am too lazy for them as well... so I just said to myself... Hey, let's do something else. And since today I am kind of on a Touken Ranbu wave, let's write some more about sword boys. Why not? And I have been putting off the writing for this gorgeous boy for so, so long!

So, I wrote something about my Top 3 boys, but in a true Touken Ranbu fashion there is in fact a Top 6 among my biggest favorites. (And we all know that you can not just finish there with this game, so the list of favorite boys does indeed go on... But this is another topic entirely.) Today we will be talking about...

Plam talks... Sword Boys...

Once I got to know the game and really got to know the characters, right next to the other boys mentioned so far in these "series" of writings there was always one more... At first, I had only seen him in various pictures of the game and while browsing the Touken Rabu Wikia page, but unfortunately he is yet again one from those characters that tend to go kind of unnoticed by the majority of the players, so at first I did not really pay him much attention as well. It was right after I managed to get Juzumaru in his smithing campaign that I was back to wondering which of the remaining swords I would want in my game. The ootachi swords being kind of a new ground for me since the majority of the swords I really like are in fact tachi and I was spending my time playing with them... Good thing that there are only four ootachis in the game, so the choice of which one to smith was kind of easy, again based entirely on looks.

And oh, boy... Had I known he will become such a big favorite of mine I would have tried to get him sooner, because Taroutachi is just great! In fact, liking him as much as I am, I am kind of mad at the majority of the saniwa community, because they are letting him go unnoticed... How can someone as awesome as Tarou be so utterly unpopular? Seriously?

(No, seriously? I am biased by the fact that someone like Kogi may not be so, so popular, but this is even more ridiculous? )

Okay. First of all I have a thing for tall characters. Always have, always will... Don't know way. May be because I am so average in high myself that it is kind of borring. But tall characters, especially tall men are kind of sexy. And okay, true, Tarou may not be the tallest one among the characters in the game, but he is one of them, and as a real sword, in terms of sheer length of the blade he is by far the longest one. Also, just look at him! May be it is the silky long black hair... May be it is the calm look in his eyes or the classically good looking features... I don't know... but I was immediately hooked! To my luck, he was also relatively easy to smith and once he came home I was in love with him almost instantly. In fact I liked him so much I was mad with myself that I did not notice him sooner, because by the time I got him Kogi, Jiji and even Tsurumaru had quite high levels and I couldn't put him in a team together with them right away. (I have this thing where I want the swords I put together in a team to be either the same level or at least be close in level to each other...) And because ootachis are a bit of a slow starters it took a really long time until I managed to level him up properly!!

Once you get to know him, he has such an awesome personality! And quite surprisingly he is rather shy in comparison to many of the other swords. As a real sword he is a whole 221.5 cm in length, which you have to agree is just astonishing, and because of that many parts of his personality are centered around his size. Every time you enter the shop with him he is like "If you take me with you, will it not be cramped in the store?" He is also saying stuff about how it is hard for him to believe any human to be able to even lift him, yet alone actually use him in a fight. He is also a bit quiet, not saying much, but when he does speak he is right on spot. I like to call characters like him the "quiet kind off cool". Just try to imagine it. Someone like him enters a room and instantly you are intimidated by his look alone, but then he just sits there all quiet and cool and you become even more intimidated, because there is just no way not to be. Also, being the size he is, he is often surprised by his own strength. Every time he wins, which is often, he is saying "My, my. It's me?" like he can not believe he actually won...

(Really? Still nothing? Come on! Just look!)

Ootachi swords in the game are strong just by association. There are only four of them and all of them are relatively rare drops so they are not the easiest to come across in the game. Having at least one in your team can give a really huge advantage with very little exceptions, because everything about them is just "BIG". In terms of statistics Taroutachi is often associated with Jiroutachi who is something like his counterpart. I have heard of other players say that there is nothing that particularly "stands out" about both of them, because when it comes to strength the true "monster" among the ootachis is actually Hotarumaru and may be it is because of him that Taroutachi usually goes so unnoticed... Which is a bit annoying, honestly. (Seriously? What do I have to do in order to get a figure of him? Without him my perfect team will never be complete in real life!!) Really! It pains me that such an awesome character is just... Oh, who cares! I like him! That is enough!!

In truth today I watched the first episode of Touken Ranbu Hanamaru. I was really worried about this anime at first, because I was thinking that if even Jiji is not included into the cast, then a character like Taroutachi basically has no chance of ever getting more attention. But then seeing him actually be featured during the opening made me so, so happy! In fact he was the character I was most worried for and if they had left him out, this could have literally broken my heart! When it comes to figures. I already have Kogi and Tsurumaru. Jiji is also on the way and Shokudaikiri is announced and even has a prototype. Taroutachi is the only one from my Top 5 that has nothing! Not even a nendroid... which is killing me a bit! I want to complete my perfect team so, so much and without him that is just not possible! Why don't you like him people? Seriously? Why? T.T
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