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Plam talks... Sword Boys...

Okay. Please be warned... There will be a lot of fangirling... A lot of screaming (probably). Also I can not really say if there will be anything worth reading written below. (Apart from all the fangirling and screaming... Or because of the all the screaming and fangirling...) So, yeah. In case you can't handle any of those, feel free to run away as fast as you can.

A friend of mine called "these" (I don't know what these even are supposed to be...) But she called them reviews on Sword Boys...
May be they are, may they are not. I don't know, but there will probably be a lot of "these" so...Who cares what they are, right?
(I am talking about this one and the previous three posts I did on "Touken Ranbu". XD)

Now onto, probably, my most favorite sword boy...
Plam talks... Sword Boys...

Is it just me or is it that for some reason Kogi is not getting all the love that he deserves from the saniwa community? I don't know why but ever since I became a saniwa myself this is the feeling I get browsing the internet... And why is that? (I don't get it? Really, people? Why? Are you blind? O.o)
Is it because he is always standing in the "shadow" of someone as great as Jiji? Or because he is not as "unobtainable" as some of the other swords? Or may be the reason is because he is not as "strong" as the others? Are all of those even legit reasons?
I don't get it and truth is I probably never will, because for me, personally, Kogi is the best! (Okay. As much as I love Jiji, I just love Kogi a bit more and that is it... Fact.)

(Kyaaaa! No, I am not a crazy Kogi fan, no... You are imagining stuff... @.@)

I mean, what is there not to love? Let's see - he is a shiro kami (white-haired), he has fox ears (or at least it looks like he does), pointy teeth, red eyes, just look at his chest! (And you don't even need an "awaken mode" to see it!) Not to mention the fact that he "supposedly" was crafted with the help of a kitsune (fox spirit). I mean, just this story by itself is more than enough to get me interested and the supernatural aspect of it makes it so damn cool. Probably the coolest one in comparison from the other swords in the game for now as far as origin goes. Also, a fact I think a lot of people forget, is that he and Jiji were crafted by the same swordsmith - Sanjou Munechika. And even tho Jiji or Mikazuki is one of the five Great Swords of Japan, it is Kogitsunemaru that Sanjou Munechika thought of as his absolute masterpiece (arguably, of course)...

The story of how I came to know about Kogi is pretty similar to the one about Jiji. I think Kogi was the first Touken Ranbu figure that I saw. (Makes sense, because he is the first one released...) While I wasn't all that interested in Jiji, because of the "issues" I had with his design, upon seeing Kogi for the first time, I remember saying to myself something similar to - If you were not an otome game character I would have bought you right now... And lucky me! He was not an otome game character! And believe me it was not long after I started playing Touken Ranbu, probably only some hours, and I had already found a shop where his figure was available and bought it, which you can say is pretty much right away. (Officially, the shortest amount of time between considering it I want a figure and actually buying it... Yeah... This is how much I loved Kogi from first sight.)

I obtained him in my game the same way I got Jiji, as a gift after installing Touken Ranbu Pocket. (Yeeeeey!) Getting to know him, I started loving him even more. I absolutely adore Kogi's personality. He is so, so sweet and polite. The way he talks is amazing. The words he uses, the way the sentences of his dialog are constructed is just... I don't know... Just pleasing for the ears, especially for someone who likes how the Japanese language sounds as much as me. Also, I absolutely love how his tone sometimes changes during a battle. Like he gets angry and he is growling in a way. The art of his awaken mode goes just perfect with that voice!

(Okay, Okay... Too much Kogi pictures... I will stop... But, just look at him!)

In regard of his statistics or strength in-game, I have heard of people describing him as not more than average and again, I don't see why? I have had him and Jiji on the same team basically from the beginning, where I often place Kogi in the second position. I do that because very often Kogi is building his level faster that Jiji. (At least this is my experience from playing with them in my game). Even tho in my opinion he is a little bit better in scouting than Jiji.  Also, despite not having moved from the second spot on my main team for quite some time he caught up to Jiji, who is in the leader position. So, currently Kogi is the strongest sword in my game and I don't see a problem with that. May be there are a lot of other factors for that, like the other swords on the team, and that I play so often with this team and so on, so on... I don't know and I don't care. Kogi just never misses and in my opinion he is a really strong and solid sword. He will always have a spot on my main team no matter what.

So, yeah. The internet may not give him all the love he deserves. So be it. I will love him for all the internet and more!
I can't wait to see his anime version. I can't wait to see him actually moving and talking. To actually see him fight! I am praying twice as hard for the anime production staff to hire the same seyu for him as the one in the game. I have his figure next to me while working on my laptop all day long, because it is just nice having him close to me so that I could admire him. It is one of my most, most favorite figures as well. And yeah, I might be fangirling a little too much, my judgment may be clouded by that but this is just how much I love Kogi, so deal with it! (He is mine! Hands down! XD)
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