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Plam talks... Sword Boys...

Okay... So this may become something regular, indeed. XD
Истината е, че опитвам да се задържа будна. Освен това чакам мечовете ми да се върнат с нова доза ресурси от експедициите, на които ги изпратих и общо взето нямам какво да правя... За туй о'ти да не понадраскаме некоя друга глупост у тоя блог, ъ?
So, basically today I will be talking about one of my most favorite sword boys... @。@
(For the record... everything written above is gibberish...)

Plam talks... Sword Boys...

Needless to say this sword does not really need any introduction... In fact it is the sword that even people who don't play Touken Ranbu know of, or at least have seen. He is the so called "poster boy" of the game, meaning that his face is basically everywhere. He is also the most popular sword among fans to date. Also... I am pretty sure that he alone is the reason why almost 90% (if not more) of the people playing Touken Ranbu got into the game in the first place. Until recently he was also the rarest sword, meaning he was next to impossible to obtain in-game. To this day he is still the strongest sword in regards of stats. (Without any upgrades... that is...) The sword that everyone wants, the sword that everyone likes (even if they don't admit it openly)... The celestial, simply magical and breathtakingly beautiful.. Jiji.

So... It may be waaay too predictable, but... Even I... Someone who usually does not like what "everyone-else-likes"... am totally in love with him... (tho it was not a love from first sight). And truly. He is one hell of a gorgeous sword boy. I mean... Just look at him!

And the story goes like this...
Long before I started playing Touken Ranbu, I knew about Jiji only as a figure. He was this greatly detailed male figure that I though was from yet another otome game so I tried to avoid him as much as possible. Me buying figures, I try to follow the strict rule of getting only figures I really, really, really like plus that they have to be characters I know of and like a lot, so naturally I was not interested in him, at all. In fact initially I even found some features of his design to be a little strange (for example his hair accessory, which I still find strange to be honest).

4ed0afbbecdbddd8bed20aae05b65010.jpg 20150729144747_Yvt2V.png

But then... getting into the game and seeing the actual source material for the figure I got curious. And of course the next-to-impossible-to-obtain Jiji was a hard catch. Not to mention that I was "lucky" to start playing the game a week or so after the "Preregistration campaign" has ended so I was really upset about it. I thought I had missed my chance of obtaining him as a gift. Then another week passed. During that time I played the game every free minute I had. I tried to smith him countless times (basically, every time I reached the necessary number of resources). No luck, of course. But when I finally got around to installing  "Touken Ranbu Pocket" on my tablet and still received him as a gift, believe me... I cried from happiness. (I mean, I was crying after only a week, so I can only imagine what it was like for people who have been trying to get him for a whole year and finally did.)

And, oh boy. Getting to know him. I was instantly in love. Every damn thing about him is so, so sweet. His voice. The way he talks. His character and personality.... Plus, come on... You know he is so damn gorgeously good looking! Combine all of that.. and there is no way for someone not to fall in love. And did we mention that he is one of the five Great Swords of Japan, also said to be the most beautiful one?

In regard of looks his artwork is consistent in all of his forms which is a good thing and it is something that can not be said for some of the other swords. He is really elegant and to me it looks like every move he makes is kind of effortless to him. Even his battle artworks remind me of some form of dance. Almost like it is just so easy for him that he can literally dance around killing demons or whatever... while laughing about it with a sweet warm voice.

Actually what I like most about him is that he is like a walking contradiction. Why?
Well... for starters from one side he is just charming, sweet and laid back like a real old man who likes some peace and quiet with a cup of tea (He is a 1000 years old, so yeah... Guess that should be normal...). But on the other hand he can be also quite naughty saying things like "Well, for both people and katanas, the bigger the better. Is that not so?" Also there is the fact that he is constantly laughing on the battlefield like it is all a joke for him... or may be, because he is "just so strong" he looks at fighting like some sort of game, or something he can do without putting too much effort into. Add to all that the fact that as I said he is the strongest sword in the game so far and it really is kind of funny. And it is this contrasts that I find so irresistible.


Needless to say he is one of my most, most favorite swords to play with. (Let me repeat it in case this thought has not occurred to you by now). He is currently one of the two swords with highest level I have managed to train. (For quite some time he had the highest level but Kogi caught up to him.) I love listening to him. This sweet, sweet voice and I am praying to all the Gods that they hire the same seyu for him in the upcoming anime adaptations.

In a way I was really lucky. I got to like and play Touken Ranbu in a moment of time that helped me to obtain some of the swords I wanted most almost right away. And having Jiji among them is just such a nice experience. I mean... I sent him to the Front Lines just to look how bad ass he can be and it is awesome! XD
Also, you probably have guessed by now, but his figure, which I was so not interested in, now I have it on pre-order. XD

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